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Data usage

Virginia Air Networks Internet plans provide you with 400 GB of Internet data usage each month as part of your monthly internet service.  If you choose to use more than 400 GB in a month, the service is suspended until the next billing cycle. 

For your convenience we will define a 400 GB here. It is a measure of data used every time you connect to the internet. It’s larger than gigabytes (1,000 GB), megabytes (1,000,000 MB) or kilobytes (1,000,000,000 KB).

Here are some average internet examples:
Streaming 200 hours of music – 1 GB
Streaming 20 hours of SD video – 40 GB
Streaming 20 hours of HD video – 80 GB
Downloading a full-length SD movie – 4 GB
Downloading a full-length HD movie – 8 GB
Downloading a video game – 40+ GB

Terms of Service

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By accepting these Terms of Service and using the products and services provided to you, you are bound by the terms and conditions listed hereafter and any wireless carrier Service Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, or related document which governs a user's responsible use of network resources and services as referenced by the  wireless carrier on their website. Additional terms and conditions may also apply. A minimum summary is referenced below for your benefit.

Service Description: You are being provided an internet access service. You are not being provided with any applications, such as internet telephone or cable TV, that might be provided with internet service from other vendors. We are not involved in the creation or the provisioning of the service. The service is provided over its wireless network, using cell sites and frequencies licensed by the FCC. The service is not available in all locations. You will only be able to access the service when within the operating range of the provider's network, which may change at the sole discretion of the provider. The service may be disrupted or unavailable from time to time due to maintenance, emergencies, inclement weather or other factors outside our control, or any of our partner's control. The service and the related equipment needed to use the service may not function in the event of a power failure or disruption, and you may be required to reset or reconfigure your modem or other hardware in order to use the service thereafter. We, and our partners, assume no liability with regard to any failure or lack of performance of the service. 

• Use of the service is subject to the provider’s current Acceptable Use Policy, the Provider AUP, and incorporated herein by references and end user terms and conditions. The provider reserves the right to change its AUP or T&C at any time. 


One-Time Subscription Fee: Upon becoming a subscriber, you are responsible for paying a subscription fee for each equipment set-up. This fee covers the set-up and support of each device when subscribing to the service. This fee is only charged once and can be applied to a device upgrade or transfer between plans.

Subscriber Dues: Upon becoming a subscriber, you are responsible for paying the first month of service prior to receiving the equipment.  Subscription will be prorated to the first of the month after equipment has been shipped and will renew the first day of every month.  These membership dues will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. All subscriptions must have a valid credit card on file for auto-pay subscription renewal.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee: Each membership includes a 14- day period, from the date of receiving the provided equipment, to test the device and service. If the device or service does not meet the subscriber's expectations, a refund will be issued. The subscriber will be reimbursed for the one-time membership fee and the first month's membership pre-payment. The subscriber will receive the refund when the device has been returned within the 14-day period stated above. The return tracking number should be supplied to Virginia Air Networks and retained by the customer until the refund has been received.  The return must include all equipment originally sent; antenna, power cords/charger and the original box. Devices that are returned after the 14-day period will not be eligible for a refund.

Subscription Cancellation: All devices are the property of VA Air Networks and need to be returned in order to cancel a subscription. Service charges will continue until a tracking number is received. Cancellation of any subscription becomes final when the device has been returned to VA Air Networks and the unit has been received.  Devices are required to be returned in the manner that they were shipped to the customer. Please note that no modification shall be made to the device by the customer.  This includes the addition of any adhesive or tape. Devices that are not returned or are returned in an unsatisfactory manner will be subject to a device replacement fee of $300.00 for the MoFi Router.  If you cancel your subscription and later re-subscribe, the subscription fee will apply.

Technical Support: Technical support is offered on all devices/subscriptions. Support may include shipping a replacement device when required. All shipped replacement devices will include a pre-paid shipping label for the return of the non-working unit.

• All devices are the property of VA Air Networks.  Within ten days of receiving the new    replacement unit, the original, non-working unit must be shipped to VA Air Networks and    must include the tracking number. Devices that fail to be returned within this window will    be subject to a device replacement fee.

Fair Use Policy: All plans include unlimited high-speed data for normal internet usage such as streaming music, movies, surfing, gaming and more. Surfing/downloading illegal content, as well as data abuse, is prohibited. Data abusers are those who purposefully push limits or conduct known illegal activity like torrenting, etc. If you consistently burn through over 400+ GBs/month, outside of the normal internet usage, you could be asked to split your usage between two accounts. If you do not follow this policy, then service will be terminated.  Specifically, the average American household uses less than 200 GBs/month. Please utilize our devices with responsible discretion, allowing us to continue to provide our members with quality high speed wireless internet.

Privacy Policies: We do not store personally identifiable traffic information. We do not provide personally identifiable traffic information to third parties.  We do not use that information for non-network management practices that entail the inspection of network traffic; storage of network traffic data; and use of network traffic data for non-network management purposes, including disclosure of such traffic data to third parties. The current provider discusses these matters generally in its Open Internet Information, which refers to the providers generally applicable privacy policies that may be viewed online at their site.

Redress Option: If you have a complaint about the service, please contact us to resolve the complaint. This notice will govern dispute resolution, generally. 

Congestion Management: We do not own, operate, maintain, or control the service, and do not engage in network congestion management practices. The provider may use network congestion management practices that interfere with the speed or the availability of your service. You should review the provider's disclosures for the network congestion management practices that may affect your use; purposes served by practices, practice effects on end user’s experience; criteria used in practices, such as indicators of congestion that trigger a practice, and the typical frequency of congestion; usage limits and the consequences of exceeding them; and references to engineering standards, where appropriate. 

Application-Specific Behavior: We do not engage in the blocking or rate-control of specific protocols or protocol ports, nor do we modify any protocol fields or inhibit or favor any applications or classes of applications. The provider may engage in one or more of those activities. You should review the provider's disclosures for application-specific practices by the provider that may affect your use of the service.

Device Attachment Rules: The equipment used to access our service must be the original equipment we provided for use during the duration of membership and must be returned upon termination of membership. Membership constitutes ownership of membership and not ownership of any provided equipment, device, or carrier account the provided line is on. We will pass through or otherwise provide the warranties and technical support offered by the manufacturer and/or the Provider, if any.

Security: We do not own, operate, maintain, or control the Service, and do not take any measures to assure the security of your use of the service or the security of the network. The provider may take action to guard your security in the use of the network and to safeguard the network. Please refer to the provider's open internet disclosures for additional information.